Our mission

Create a global and limitless shopping experience.

The vibrancy behind AIRNSHOP’s values is centered in the global family we have – not just as customers, but also as a team. Multiple perspectives and voices are important to us. We know we can’t properly reach our customers unless we have a diverse team whose various professional and personal backgrounds encapsulate a true, global experience.

AIRNSHOP is a CONNECT Springboard Company

CONNECT is a premier innovation company accelerator in San Diego that creates and scales great companies in the technology and life sciences sectors. By creating an environment in which entrepreneurs and C-suite executives have access to the people, capital, and technology resources they need for success, CONNECT has assisted in the formation and development of more than 3,000 companies since 1985. Widely regarded as one of the world’s most successful organizations linking entrepreneurs and C-suite executives with the resources they need for the commercialization of innovative products and services; our program has been modeled in more than 50 regions around the world.